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Help GCS Exceed Fundraising Goal!

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Instructions for the Week of Giving Sponsorship packet

Each GCS family, board member, and staff member received a Week of Giving packet. The Week of Giving is coming up May 9th - 13th. The Week of Giving is hosted by the Armstrong County Community Foundation and NexTier Bank. The purpose of this event is to help area nonprofits with funding. Non-profits register to participate and become eligible to have their donations matched from the Week of Giving Match Fund.

This event has been one of our most successful fundraisers for the school, mainly because the school families have faithfully participated! Following are a few simple steps that will help you understand how to complete your support letters and when and how to make your follow-up phone calls.

The following information will guide you as you seek sponsorship for Grace Christian School.

Step One - Pray

Please be in prayer for Grace Christian School. Seeking the Lord's blessing is our highest privilege. We should not take His blessings for granted and seek Him in every endeavour. Grace Christian School exists because of the Lord's blessings and grace.

Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Thessalonians 5:17-18 ESV

Step Two - Prepare

Using the “Potential Donors” list to jog your memory, collect the names and addresses of potential donors. We ask that you send sponsorship letters to at least 10 people. Do not exclude anyone. If you have more than 10 potential sponsors contact the office for additional supplies.

"Please give those you know the opportunity to be a blessing"

Step 3 - Personalize

In your fundraising packet, in addition to some other materials, you have received at least 10 support letters, 10 large envelopes, and 10 smaller envelopes.

After you have created your list of potential sponsors, take the time to personalize your letter. This can be a fun family activity. At the top of the support letter, fill in the person’s name next to the word “Dear.” For example, “Dear Grandma,” “Dear Uncle Joe,” or “Dear Mr. Campbell.” Older students can address the letter and write a brief note to potential sponsors. Include the whole family. Allow younger children to draw a picture of their favorite part of GCS: an activity, their teacher, friends, etc. Do not forget to sign the bottom of the letter.

After you have personalized your letter, address the large envelopes to your potential donors and print your name and address for the return address. Place a stamp on the large envelope.

Insert the personalized support letter and a small envelope inside of a large addressed envelope and seal.

Step 4 - Pray again

Return all support letters to school no later than Thursday, April 7, 2022. The students and staff will pray over the letters before placing the letters in the mail. Join us and continue to pray for the Week of Giving. Remember Armstrong County Community Foundation, NexTier Bank, donors of the Match Fund, all participating non-profits, and their supporting donors in your prayers.

Step 5 - Personal contact

During the week of April 25th -April 29th make a follow-up phone call or text each person to whom you have sent a support letter. This step will make an enormous difference. The purpose of the follow-up phone call is to simply determine if your friend or a family member has received your donation request. More often than not, they have received it, but it ended up sitting in a pile of papers on their desk. The follow-up phone call is just a gentle reminder, and many people will donate soon after receiving the follow-up call.

Thank you in advance for participating in the Week of Giving. Do not underestimate your importance to GCS's success.

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